Annual Sports Event at the Ankuran Centers

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The Ankuran Center is the heart of the village and provides much-needed care and educational opportunity to the children from the tribal villages. The center is remedial in nature and aimed at helping people from tribal backgrounds integrate into mainstream society.

This Friday, we organized the Annual Sports event at the center to encourage physical activity amongst the tribal children, promote a sense of community, and foster a sense of belonging.

The children were encouraged to participate in sports regardless of their abilities, and the emphasis was on having fun and developing friendships. This helped to create a sense of pride and belonging among the students and reinforced the importance of preserving their identity.

The children’s enthusiasm and energy were infectious, and it was a pleasure to watch them compete. We are sure that the children will remember this day for years to come, and we look forward to organizing more events like this.

Annual Sports Event - Ankuran Centers
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