How BIM helps Architects Make Better Decisions?

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Architects are the very first need for any construction project.

To construct a hospital, hotel, institute, or office; the idea of construction is demonstrated to the architect first and then to the engineers.

Architecture demands high precision and accuracy to draw a structure. It also appeals to avoid crossing the available area given, typically the most significant part to be taken care of by the architects.

Here, BIM for architects becomes essential.


BIM, or Building Information Modeling, helps architects work accurately and precisely within the space. And it allows for developing the model at a way faster pace than it used to be.

Being sketch artists for the construction work, the architects can draw a model with the help of BIM within the space keeping every inch in mind. Let us first see the applications of BIM services by the architects, and then we’ll discuss further in detail-

Where Does BIM Help Architects?

To visualize the space & utilize it ergonomically is an architect’s job. BIM helps architects provide them with a platform to develop a model. They can analyze the model from every aspect, be it compatibility, constructability, sustainability, etc.

BIM also allows the analysis of probable expenditure and material requirements in a particular structure.

Moreover, in some stages of construction, an architect has to work parallel with engineers. Let us see for what reasons an architect uses BIM-

In Drawing

There have been numerous shifts from traditional to modern drawing styles with time. The process of designing was shifted from silk to tracing paper and then to intelligent BIM-based software like Revit and AutoCAD that provide speed to architects.

The pace of work has been the primary reason behind any traditional to modern shift. Software like AutoCAD allows architects to draw a line in a plan, whereas Revit allows drawing a 3D element like a wall with the same effort. You can be ready with a model layout of an entire structure in just a few minutes.

You can place 3D elements in it, check elevations, and even ensure the constructability of the model.

At Concept and Analysis

Although BIM for architects is not the ideal case, they can still use BIM to ensure any dilution during the delivery stages. It allows architects to reassure whether the design has been interpreted correctly as per the concept or not.

In Coordination

Communication is the key to resolving issues. BIM for architects is also a medium to communicate as architects can even represent the options for designs to the client. It saves time, as well as increases understanding between two peers.

Conclusively, BIM is a perfect medium to coordinate and resolve clashes with other trades and contractors involved in the project.

In Detailing

Being an architect, you have to take care of the available space and facilitate resources within that only. It requires accuracy, expertise, and precision in the drawing.

BIM allows designers to produce and review details in the 3D model such that it becomes an ideal resource at the time of delivery for collaboration required to protect the design detailing.

Also, in the case of required ventilation, BIM allows architects to analyze the airflow in a pre-constructed model.

Benefits of BIM for architects

Factors like productivity, cost, rate of delivery, and constructiveness can define the helpfulness of any resource in the AEC industry.

BIM, being a digital industry resource, provides each of these factors. As far as BIM for architects is concerned, an architect gets more than just the factors mentioned above, including-

  • Easy Revision of Plans
  • A medium of 3D presentation with Clients
  • Easy coordination with other trades like MEP-FP
  • Design control and reduced design errors
  • Better documentation and cost control
  • Reduced Rework
  • Reduced project and construction duration
  • Project delivery on time and within budget

However, there are many other advantages to highlight and showcase, but the most significant one is the ‘reduction of errors and omissions in the design phase.’ With 41 percent improved results, this key advantage of BIM services has been self-witnessed by the architects only.

Another prolific side of BIM for architects involves the collaboration between the owner & the design team. With the help of documentation, the contractor and the client may easily communicate and exchange information.

Last but not least, it helps raise the overall reputation of the organization, the contractors, and each entity involved in the project as they can work better, faster, and more efficiently than somewhere else they would have been doing.

Pinnacle & Architecture Projects

Pinnacle Infotech has provided BIM consulting services for many years to its clients, especially those requiring guidance in architecture and interior design. Multiple large-scale projects like Airports, International Stadiums are the existing effigies of Pinnacle’s architectural expertise.

As far as services under architecture are concerned, Pinnacle is proficient in rendering Landscape architecture services as well, of which Campus redevelopment and resorts are parts.

To check other projects executed by Pinnacle, don’t forget to check out their portfolio, which covers architecture-based projects and many belonging to different verticals, including Engineering, Home Builders, Contractors, etc.

Author’s Bio-

Aayush Goswami

Aayush Goswami is a Mechanical Engineer who chooses to contribute instead as a technical writer. He believes in doing things that make him feel effortless. Therefore, he has written for over seven years to transcend his writing skills. He enjoys debates on social problems and their solutions and possesses expertise in automobile engineering. He is always a keen learner excited to add new things to his knowledge arsenal. Nowadays, he is writing professional articles on the technologies and tools used by AEC industry leaders, which is a part of his interest as well.

How BIM helps Architects Make Better Decisions?
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