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About the Project

Escondido Village Stanford University (Graduate Residence) is one of the world’s leading teaching and research institutions, dedicated to find solutions for big challenges and preparing students. Stanford is known for its academic strength, wealth, proximity to Silicon Valley, and ranking as one of the world’s top-ten universities.

The project comprises of Four Residential Halls of Type 1 Construction (6, 8 & 10 stories) with a capacity of accommodating 2,400 beds. Currently, Stanford University has more than 55% increased student housing capacity, accommodating over 9,000 graduate students on campus.

Facts at-a-Glance


Palo Alto, California, USA

Project Area:

1,994,455.22 sq. ft.



Software Used:

Tekla 2016

Average Team Size:

10 Engineers

BIM Start Date:

October, 2016

BIM Start Date:

December, 2018

Project Type:


Trades Covered:

Precast Concrete Structure

Structural Engineer:

John A. Martin & Associates


Clark Pacific – Pinnacle Client


Stanford University


Vance Brown


KSH Architects

BIM Scope of Work

Preparation of Shop Drawing / 2D Drawings for Construction – Tekla Detailing

Concrete Lift Drawings – Elevation Drawings for Vertical Elements, Detail Drawings

3D BIM Model Creation for Foundation, Horizontal Structural Components, Vertical Structural Components, Other Structural Components, Pre-Cast Elements

Challenges and Solutions

Challenge: Collaboration Issue

After completing the reinforcement of the one panel, we reinforced the panels easily from one panel to another through ‘copy special’ command. This avoided the repeated work and saved time.


Tekla Software helped multiple users to work simultaneously in cloud server across different time zones of the world. We could easily work in Tekla without any trouble using master model sharing.

Challenge: Huge Number of Panels with Different Precast Elements

The precast modelling project involved 2228 nos. of precast wall panels, 5290 nos. of ribbed floor panels, 1250 nos. of beam panels, 4436 nos. of columns are involved and it was challenging to execute the project within the short & stipulated time frame specified by Clark Pacific


We created various types of detailing work like slab edge, thickened slab, sloped slabs , etc with the help of Revit Family. Since we generated the families of slab edge type and thickened slab earlier, the hour consumption was reduced and we could resolve the problems smoothly. We also arranged internal training for guiding our team properly.

Challenge – Time-Line Challenge for Shop Drawing Preparation

Preparing quality shop drawings for all the panels within a short time was difficult


Clone drawing preparation is one of the key facets of using Tekla software. Using this process we created shop drawings for similar panels. It helped to reduce time for creating shop drawings.

Challenge – Difficulty in Maintaining the Numbering System of Reinforced Panel

In this huge precast concrete project, it is difficult to maintain the numbering system for all the panels. “Number system” is very essential to identify the particular panels as well as reinforcement for the whole project.


Working with “Numbering” system is a significant part of Tekla Software. If we required changing the Rebar Model, we have to execute “Perform Numbering” of this panel. “Perform Numbering” system helped us to easily get the bar mark of the Rebar from the model.

Challenge – Time-Consuming to Use Repeated Custom Components (Hardware)

Repeated use of components in precast panels likes embeds, hangers, lifters, couplers etc.


We created lots of custom components for the purpose of modeling and used those custom components in the model.

Challenge – Schedule Constrain for getting BBS

Difficult to get the BBS in the shop drawing after reinforcement of the panels


We could easily get the BBS of the rebars from Tekla.

Challenge – Need to Identify the Pouring

Pouring is essential in this precast project to identify which part is poured at a particular time


Pouring is the most valuable option in Tekla. We showed the concrete model with different pouring in site.

Challenge – Need to Identify the Phasing

Phasing is also essential for the purpose of representation and identification


Phasing showed the entire concrete model with different color regions (part by part or floor by floor). Consequently, it helped to easily identify a particular section of the entire concrete model.

Challenge – Need for Selection & Visibility Procedure

Selection & Visibility filter are also essential to select & identify a particular element or object from the entire model


Selection as well as Visibility Filter is another significant aspect of Tekla. The software helped to identify any object with ease from the entire model.

Challenge – Difficulty in Calculating Panels for Site Transportation

Difficult to calculate the number of panels for Site Transportation – as a result of which the Transport Cost of the Pre-cast Contractor get enhanced


“Lotting” is the most important feature in Tekla. This helped us to easily measure group assemblies for transporting to site. Moreover, from this option we calculated the numbers of units of panels carried by the vehicle and the size of the panel for suitable vehicle.

Challenge – Need for Separate Environment for Drawing & Model View

Separate & specific environment required for drafting as well as model view for avoiding shifting of the model elements with changes in the drawings


In Tekla, the model and drawing environments are different, where we cannot move ‘drawing’ to the model environment at the same time. As a result, the final model was not edited/tampered with the shift in the model elements because of drawing change.

Project Snaps

Results & the Road Ahead

Tekla BIM implementation will help to simplify BIM adoption by streamlining project operations in public, private & government sectors. The next generation will work with cloud technology (Model Sharing). Tekla integrates with BIM to provide effective project solutions & collaborations. Tekla BIM streamlines project information management processes – document control, resolution of design problems by RFI management & more. It is a platform for model and information aggregation for BIM collaborations.

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