ASHRAE Global HQ Renovation

Location: Atlanta, USA
ASHRAE – the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating & Air-Conditioning began a major renovation of its global HQ in Atlanta, USA in January 2020. A major objective of this renovation was to achieve net-zero-energy in the building’s operations through the installation of a 332-kW photovoltaic system. The renovation is in line with its goal of pioneering a large-scale shift to sustainable built environments. A team from Pinnacle prepared the As-built & Digital Twin model for the entire project at LOD 500. They used the design model based on MEP As-built drawings and other submittals for this project. As a token of appreciation for our contribution, Pinnacle received the ASHRAE investor badge from ASHRAE. In addition, one of the conference halls in the ASHRAE HQ was named the “Pinnacle Infotech Conference Hall”.

Key Project Details


Value Added

  1. Pinnacle developed the LOD 500 As-Built model via studying submitted design models and site inspection reports. This included modeling the missing Fire Protection service model and ensuring proper system connections between equipment and valves.
  2. Pinnacle embedded the digital twin model into the ASHRAE dashboard through Autodesk Forge to facilitate easy viewing. The digital twin is publicly accessible at –
  3. The asset register wasn’t available for maintainable assets. Pinnacle extracted data from individual O&M manuals, As-built drawings, and warranties information to set up an asset register.
  4. Pinnacle integrated the COBie data into individual assets to lay a foundation for future Facility Management software.
  5. Our team is in the process of developing a simplified software tool for future Operations & Maintenance work at the ASHRAE HQ.

Key Project Details

LOD:400 & 500

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