Methodist University Hospital Expansion

Location: Tennessee, USA
Methodist University Hospital comprising 7 floors (Level 4 – 10) (4 zones) will be a new construction in Memphis, Tennessee, United States spread over a project area of 255,500 sq. ft.

Key Project Details

Contractor(s):Turner Construction

Value Added

1. Redrawn the So-Vent System from 4th floor ceiling to 10th floor
2. Verified the accuracy of the current model as per drawings
3. Coordinated all penetration locations with each floor to assure proper placement inside walls and cavities as per requirement
4. Verified insulation at correct thickness as per the specifications for each system
5. Eliminated collisions between services, routing the pipes touching the bottom of the fire proofing of the structure & through the beam space to the outlets, routing exhaust ducting as high as possible – converting to round runouts wherever possible with equal friction method
6. Installed hangers with TOPCON points placed at each hanger

Key Project Details

Engineer:Haltom Engineering
Contractor(s):Turner Construction

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