San Francisco International Airport

Location: San Francisco, California, USA
Year: 2018
The renovation work of San Francisco International Airport, Terminal 2 including Boarding Area D was to expand and transform into a 640,000 square foot, 14-gate domestic terminal. Renovation work included passenger loading bridges with aircraft support systems, added inbound and outbound baggage handling systems. Pinnacle was responsible for modeling Interior drywall.

Key Project Details

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Scope of Work

Pinnacle was responsible to create the model of drywall, ceiling soffit wall, wall backing, doors & windows, louvers, and vents. We also worked on modeling drywall framing, top, and bottom track, kickers, door framing & headers.

The main challenge was to meet the client’s requirement fully, for this kind of project is new for Pinnacle.

We worked with new and advanced software platforms (Revit add-ins MWF) to deliver exactly what the client was looking for.

Value Added

Even if the job type was new for Pinnacle, we worked with advanced software to deliver the client a perfect 3D model. We added value to the renovation job by creating an impeccable model of drywall, ceiling soft wall and wall backing.

Key Project Details

Software:Autodesk Revit
Related Verticals:Drywall Contractors

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