Westside Water Treatment Building 580 & 581

Location: California, USA
Westside Water Treatment Building is located in California, US. BIM is used for preparing Concrete Shop Drawings.

Key Project Details

Related Verticals:Concrete Contractors

Value Added

  1. Using BIM, the Pinnacle team meet project requirements, discovering and solving constructability issues at an early stage, saving time, eliminating rework, improving quality 
  2. The effective application of BIM reaped benefits throughout the life cycle of the project from the initial design and development stages to technical design, construction and use.
  3. Pinnacle’s approach to virtual design and construction with BIM created the opportunity to identify problems earlier in the building process and facilitate BIM teams to communicate ideas, reducing errors and improving productivity

Key Project Details

Engineer:Contractor: Pack & Hiller Company
Related Verticals:Concrete Contractors

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