Digital Prefabrication

BIM for Digital Prefabrication

BIM processes simplify the otherwise time-consuming fabrication process. Our digital prefabrication services facilitate:

We create spool drawings and maps as per the client’s standards. These segmented spools contain details to facilitate prefabrication. Once fabricated, they can be quickly assembled and installed at the site.

Fabrication takes time, and the assembling of distinct components depends on many complex factors. BIM facilitates design and construction activities, including the development of shop drawings and digital fabrication of building components. BIM process simplifies designs to fabrication workflow for every building discipline.

At Pinnacle, our 1500+ engineering professionals have several decades of experience producing detailed fabrication drawings & shop drawings across all trades, including MEP, Civil, Mechanical, and Structural. In addition, our prefabrication services improve quality and lower costs significantly.

Modular construction refers to a category of prefabrication where components are built to resemble box-like structures or modules. After the fabrication is completed in a shop, these modules are moved to the site for assembly. 

The integration of prefabrication methods into the overall construction workflow enables clients to save at least 50% of build time compared to the traditional construction process. 

At Pinnacle, we deliver BIM models to help clients get prefabricated components in digital prefabricated 3D models to be used in maintenance processes, offsite construction, and design.

Digital Prefabrication brings certainty in cost, enhances site safety and productivity. In addition, the amount of waste generated is also significantly reduced due to the entire activity taking place in a controlled shop environment.


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