BIM Services for MEP

Pinnacle is the leading provider of MEP BIM Services globally.

We have successfully executed over 3200 mechanical and plumbing projects globally and understand the codes and workflows of different geographies.

We understand the requirement of site workers and are capable of delivering –

  • Clash Coordinated & Value Engineered BIM Models
  • Accurate and Detailed Drawings for Site Installation
  • Prefabrication / Spool Drawings & Field Solutions 
    Quantity & Cost Estimation for Bidding

We have an extensive library of Revit families, plugins, and productivity apps to ensure good quality and a short turnaround time.

MEP BIM Modeling Services

  • A process that determines the accuracy & reliability of construction documents for seamless construction.
  • Optimization of design to reduce construction costs, shorten installation time, improve system efficiency & project lifecycle costs.

Generation of estimates using leading industry software tools such as Quotesoft & in-house software modules to deliver:

  • Accurate length and size of ducts and pipes
  • Total number of fittings, accessories & equipment
  • Quantity and cost of material
  • Labor cost (fabrication, installation & others)
  • Material and material cost
  • Linear and wrap cost
  • Generation of accurate 3D MEP models from a wide range of inputs, such as Design & Contract Documents and project specification sheets.
  • Resolution of inter-trade clashes to ensure model accuracy.
  • Provision of Unit and Equipment clearance for accessibility & maintenance

Detailed shop drawings to facilitate fabrication and site installation, generated automatically from the 3D model.

Types of Shop Drawings / Description

  • Floor plan layout – Plan view of a particular area
  • CSD / Overlay Drawing – Combined services drawings including all trades drawings
  • Section Drawing – Sectional view of a particular area
  • Details Drawings – Sectional, plan, or isometric view with a detailed description of an area 
  • Riser Drawings. – Equipment or fixture connections diagram floor by floor
  • Penetration Drawing – Plan view with detailed information of sleeve and cut-outs for wall and slab
  • Insert Drawings – Plan view with field locations / coordinate points for hanger rod/insert
  • Spool / CAM – Detailed drawings of pipes, ducts, and associated components of a particular part/network for fabrication
  • Equipment Pad / Plinth Layout – Plan view with location and specification of equipment base/pad 
  • As-Built Drawings – Diagram of services (model, shop drawing) as per field installation 
  • Accurate spool drawings that facilitate spool assembly for piping runs and pre-fabrication.
  • Alignment of segmented spool drawings with the contractor’s prefabrication standards and preferences.
  • Provision of modular drawings for prefabrication. Modularization can lower cost, shorten installation time, and improve site safety.
  • Enhancement of the accuracy and productivity of the layout process.
  • Laser scanning services for renovations and retrofits.
  • Data-rich 3D models including information like warranties, equipment lists and product data for facility management.
  • The COBie format allows the gathering of data throughout the design phase which is subsequently transferred to the owner.

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BIM Services for Mechanical Plumbing

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