MEP Engineering Services

Our BIM-powered MEP engineering services ensure higher ROI, fewer reworks, and improved schedule performance.

Our 200+ experienced professionals have worked on 570+ projects across sectors such as hospitality, educational, healthcare, residential, commercial, and industrial. 

A well-designed and implemented BIM MEP engineering service should go virtually unnoticed. Designing systems that balance comfort, cost, efficiency and aesthetics require a synchronized team effort. We see ourselves as the facilitator of this team, assisting with decision making, cost estimation, construction administration, documentation, building management and maintenance.

MEP Engineering Services

Our assurances: energy-efficient designs, optimized operating cost of mechanical systems, and minimal risk of system failure. We offer:
  • HVAC System Design
  • HVAC Equipment Selection
  • Equipment & Duct Sizing Calculations 
  • Air Terminal Selection 
  • Lift Well & Stairwell Pressurization System
  • Tunnel & Basement Ventilation 
  • Chilled Beams System
  • Plant Room Layout Design
  • HVAC Schematic Design
  • Chilled Water Schematic
  • Duct Layout Drawings
  • Spool Drawings
We develop electrical design documents for low voltage, medium voltage, and extra low voltage systems, and ensure an energy-efficient design through BIM integrated Electrical Design Engineering. We offer:
  • Power Distribution System Design
  • Electrical Panel Schedules
  • Electrical Line Diagrams & Load List Preparation
  • Power And Lighting Plans (Including Lighting Load Estimations and Light Fixture Layouts)
  • Emergency System Design
  • Containment Sizing & Layout Design
  • Determining the Sizes of Switchgear & Transformers
  • Determining the Sizes of Breaker & Disconnects
  • Load Balancing
  • Panel Room Layout Drawings
  • Small Power Electrical Supplies
  • Fire Alarms & Security Systems
  • IT & Communication Systems
  • Lift And Escalator Systems
  • Lightning Protection & Earthing
  • Energy Management
Pinnacle uses BIM integrated plumbing design to cover:
  • Potable / Domestic Water Systems
  • Hot Water Systems
  • Wastewater Systems
  • Rainwater / Stormwater Systems
  • Medical / Fuel / Natural Gas Systems
  • Compressed Air Systems
Our in-house software tools help clients design their plumbing systems, including pipe sizing, roof area, and GPM flow rate optimization. We also offer:  
  • Water Demand Calculation
  • Sizing & Selection of Water Heater, Pumps & Water Storage Tanks
  • Pipe Sizing for Water Services
  • Water Services Schematics
  • Design of Gravity Based Soil & Waste System
  • Soil & Waste Schematics
  • Medical Gas & Vacuum Piping Design
  • Fuel Gas Piping Design
  • Plant Room Layout (Plans & Details)
  • Equipment Datasheets for Plumbing Equipment
  • Selection of Insulation for Piping Materials
  • Preparation of Design Requirement Document / Specification
  • Discharge Unit & Storm Water Calculations
  • Design & Preparation of Schematic Diagram
  • Design & Preparation of Plan & Layout Drawings
  • Accurate and information-rich fully coordinated 3D models generated post inter-trade clash resolution that facilitate spatial coordination.
  • A process that determines the accuracy & reliability of construction documents for seamless construction by reducing delays, reworks and cost overruns.
  • Review and reimagination of the layout to produce the most efficient design and achieve the minimum project cost at maximum operational efficiency.

The equipment and fixture schedule of the project would provide information about the type of fixture, manufacturer, model, and necessary input information for the Construction Set document for all disciplines of the building services (Mechanical, Plumbing, and Electrical). 

We offer these services:  

  • Schematic Design 
  • Design Development 
  • Construction Documents

The Riser and ISO drawings will give a single line diagram of actual airflow, mechanical piping, power distribution, domestic water distribution, and sanitary/waste distribution network in the project. 

  • Data-rich 3D models including information like warranties, equipment lists and product data for facility management.
  • The COBie format allows the gathering of data throughout the design phase which is subsequently transferred to the owner.
  • COBie data is integrated into the BIM model to facilitate maintenance, operations, and asset management.

Our MEP design validation services enable any discipline’s design to be estimated for efficiency and accuracy and merged with other disciplines to ensure usefulness and feasibility.  

Electrical Design Validation 

  • Creation of DB Schedule 
  • Load Balancing 
  • Trunking Calculations 
  • Conduit Size Calculations 
  • Voltage Drop Calculations 
  • Cable Tray Size Calculations 
  • Cross Checking Model with Electrical Single Line Diagram 
  • Lux Level Calculations 
  • Analyzing Lighting Illuminations 

Mechanical Design Validation 

  • Heat Load Calculation 
  • Ventilation Requirement Calculations 
  • Staircase Lift Lobby Pressurization Calculation 
  • Mechanical Equipment Selection 
  • Duct Sizing with respect to Airflow 
  • Air Terminal Selection
  • Mechanical Room Space requirement and Arrangement 
  • Chilled Water Requirement Calculation
  • Pump Head Calculation 

Plumbing Design Validation 

  • DFU Calculation 
  • Domestic Hot/Cold Water Requirement Calculation 
  • Pump Head Calculation 

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