REVIT Add-in | Select Element By ID

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Modeling Software: REVIT
Technologies used: .NET, C#

REVIT Add-In Function

During modeling, the Revit user may need to select multiple elements by known IDs. However, Revit has a default function that only allows to ‘Select’ the related element by its element ID.

This tool can read multiple elements from CSV and HTML files and can conveniently select as well as color them for future reference.

Also, it can zoom the selected, colored element, but only if one element at a time is selected.

Value Addition

  • It helps identify the elements that are filtered on the CSV file according to the element parameter values.
  • It can select, as well as color the element based on element ID rather requiring two stages to do the same.


REVIT Add-in | Select Element By ID



  • The chosen color must persist in the color book.
  • The zooming function would world only when a single element is selected.
  • Only valid HTML files consisting of valid elements ID are read.

Prerequisites for this Plugin

  • The user has to import the valid element ID based on Revit Interface.


REVIT Add-in | Select Element By ID


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REVIT Add-in | Select Element By ID
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