Value Engineering for Construction

We analyze construction designs to make them more efficient and inexpensive through value engineering.


Value Engineering

Although the word is frequently used, VE or value Engineering is not always clearly understood or properly executed. It isn’t a design review process, nor does it involve lowering the cost at the expense of the quality and integrity of the project. When applied ideally, value engineering should be exercised collaboratively by every stakeholder to deliver a project at the lowest possible cost without compromising on design quality.

Our in-house team brainstorms to re-design the MEP layout to increase efficiency and lower cost. We focus on proper spacing and positioning of hangers to bear maximum load while optimizing cost.

Through Value Engineering, we assure –

Most construction projects exceed their budgets due to multiple reasons, with MEP system-related reasons being the most common ones. Not getting the size right or over-engineering designs can push up project costs. Our experts utilize BIM to remove redundant design aspects without affecting the design quality.

How do we facilitate value engineering through BIM?

  • The 3D models in BIM enable a high degree of visualization which allows us to review designs meticulously, tweak them, and lay routing.
  • BIM provides a comprehensive view of all the services at the same time and allows us to review their interrelationships, dependencies to optimize the layout.
  • There are various design analysis software programs such as ETAB and STAD, which interfaces with BIM and produce multiple iterations to deliver the most efficient design.


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