Landscaping Services

Pinnacle has been providing landscaping services for 30+ years. We take into account the local codes and standards before starting work on your landscaping requirements. We consider climate, soil, drainage, and elevation to ensure that our designs are effective and sustainable in the long run. Creativity and high quality are our guiding benchmarks when it comes to landscape drawings.

The key elements of landscape architecture are effective management and planning of the available space. This is accomplished through accurate landscape drawings. We take extreme care to ensure a protected environment while ensuring that it is aesthetically captivating.


Our Deliverables Include

Presentations are generally rendered images and drawings which are created using various graphical tools to give it a realistic look. It clearly shows the details of the landscape and hardscape layouts.

They can be used to obtain a high-quality visualization of the project, which then can be showcased to clients to help them understand the overall look. The full evolution of the design can be shown from initial concept sketches to the complete design.

Tools: Rendered Images from Photoshop & 3DS Max

Permit Set Drawings are the minimal set of drawings and information required by the local authorities in order to issue a permit.

Pinnacle specializes in preparing Permit Set Drawings based on the Design Documentation sets. Our Permit Set Drawings & Documentation include basic information like Landscape & Irrigation plans. We ensure fine detailing and accurate drawing so that you can adhere to schedules and execute projects within your timeline, reducing costs significantly in the process.

In the Detailed Design Development Drawing phase, the design is refined and plans, specifications, estimations, etc. are created. Detailed Design will include outputs such as 2D models, Preliminary plans, cost build-up estimates, procurement plans etc.
Redline markups are incorporated into CAD drawings when there is a change in the landscape architecture design or element.


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