3D BIM Clash Coordination

BIM Clash Coordination Services

BIM Clash Coordination Services assist in detecting interference between trades during preconstruction. 

We offer clash detection and coordination services to Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Fire Protection, Architecture, and Structural trades. The result is a fully coordinated model that integrates all trades’ models. 

Our services bring in synergy between multiple building systems so that everything works in complete harmony. 

Benefits of BIM Clash Coordination Services

Generally, a clash materializes when two building elements occupy the same area. 

In BIM, the 3D model enhances visualization, which facilitates clash detection.  

We resolve interferences between MEP, architectural and structural elements by sharing clash snapshots through WebEx conferences. 

Our BIM Clash detection and coordination services cover the preparation of virtual 3D BIM coordination drawings to ensure that the model is fully coordinated and free from clashes. It minimizes instances of expensive reworks and wastage of time during construction. Early detection of clashes also assists estimators and surveyors in preparing accurate Quantity Take-offs, therefore increasing productivity. 

Clashes can be of two types, hard and soft. The differentiating factor between the two is the effort needed to resolve them. Soft clashes can be fixed easily with slight modification in the BIM model, while hard clashes require extensive coordination between multiple parties.

As per project requirements, we resolve clashes by –

Re-routing utilities

Resizing elements

Modifying elevations

We share proposals with clients with suggestions to resolve clashes.

Our BIM Clash Coordination Services help Architects, Contractors, and Engineers complete projects within deadlines and budget.


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