BIM IT Infrastructure Planning

BIM IT Infrastructure Planning involves regular audits on existing IT infrastructure for BIM implementation.

At Pinnacle, we pride ourselves on accuracy and attention to detail.

Customization of team members, knowledge management, training, and laying the technical groundwork for every office location is all done following our stringent processes.

Benefits of BIM IT Infrastructure Planning

Establishes clarity of project intent to stakeholders
Delivers critical foundation for business agility
Ensures data fidelity & stability across the project lifecycle

Our Capabilities

We offer BIM information authoring services for the AEC industry. We divide projects into separate phases. We are proficient in various BIM applications like Solidworks, Revit, 4D Phasing Software & Sketchup.

Along with BIM Information Authoring, we offer the following services –

  • 3D Rendering
  • 3D BIM Modelling
  • Revit Modelling Building Architecture.

BIM information authoring software helps us to share data with other units to allow analysis for technical software, offered by the project team.

We take pride in our proactive team when it comes to offering BIM software support and maintenance. Our BIM support team has more than three decades of experience in assisting clients.

We have set a record for efficiently managing facilities based on thorough building inspection to find deviation and inconsistency.

  • Gather appropriate data from the BIM model for reuse
  • Get insights into major issues of BIM implementation & interoperability under IFC
  • We offer BIM models in the simplest and fastest way possible
  • We assist users to combine various models, programs, documents & notes


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