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Pinnacle has been providing BIM services for owners for 30+ years across 40 countries.

Traditionally, owners came into the picture only at the end of a project. BIM has empowered owners to be involved from the beginning of a project’s life cycle, allowing them to estimate project costs better and evaluate strategies. This ensures they understand building design better through visualization, use control tools to evaluate teams & keep track of processes, and maximize project ROI.

Our BIM services allow building owners to collaborate with teams & stakeholders, reduce project lifecycle costs through BIM analysis, stay within the project schedule, and manage facilities efficiently. We ensure certainty in projects by minimizing project risks.

BIM Services for Building Owners

  • Validation of MEP and Structural designs to ensure they are accurate.
  • Code Validation assistance to Architects.

  • Lowering of project’s operational costs through energy efficiency analysis.
  • Assessment of a project’s performance in terms of natural light and heating requirements through solar study.

  • Visualization of projects using 3D rendering & Design Visualization software.
  • Accurate depictions of the concept and scope of proposed designs using Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and Animation.

  • Determination of scheduling conflicts, out-of-sequence work, and ‘what if’ scenarios to optimize the construction schedule
  • Complete step-by-step representation of planned vs. actual construction set against time and cost using 4D and 5D BIM simulations

  • Take a project from the feasibility stage to the bid stage with our accurate estimates from Design Drawings
  • Estimates based on final plans & Specifications enable you to solicit bids from contractors

  • Accurate shop drawings, spool drawings, and maps as per the client’s standards generated through 3D Modeling.
  • Benefits: High quality, Cost savings, and Short fabrication schedules.

  • Deliverables include smart 3D models with information like warranties, equipment lists and product data
  • Data integrated with Facility Management software tools through COBie standards

An intelligent BIM model and a dynamic digital replica of physical assets, processes, and systems that can be used for facility management.


  • Enhanced collaboration with 3D visualization
  • Dashboards facilitate informed decision making
  • Real-time condition monitoring
  • The ability to assess risks and predict failures enabling preventive maintenance
  • Centralized platform for easy access to updated data

Denver, Colorado, USA
Evans West Development
  • Architectural Design
  • Drywall Contractors
  • +2
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Goodyear, Arizona
Microsoft PHX71 Data Center
  • Architectural Design
  • Building Owners
  • +2
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Jakarta, Indonesia
Amazon Data Center
  • Architectural Design
  • Architects
  • +2
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Sedona, AZ
Sedona Airport Fuelfarm Relocation
  • Digital Prefabrication
  • Concrete Contractors
  • +3
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Charlotte, NC, USA
Atrium Health Facility – CMC New Bed Tower
  • 3D Modeling
  • Clash Coordination
  • +4
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Los Angeles, California
Westgate Residence
  • 3D Modeling
  • Architectural Design
  • +3
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