Marketing Presentations

We create compelling BIM marketing presentations to help clients secure competitive bids.

They include:

Our rendered images incorporate realistic textures with lifelike details like artificial lighting and shadow. We incorporate photo-realistic walkthroughs and construction phasing in animated presentations so that clients can get a 360 degree view of the construction space.

Our 3D walkthrough service gives clients a realistic feel of the building size and layout. It is ideal for

Bidding Successfully with Pinnacle

Pinnacle assists clients to secure competitive bids by designing Marketing Presentations with high-quality 3D rendered images, site logistics, 4D phasing, and walkthrough animations. At Pinnacle, we are focused on using BIM innovatively to offer an accurate and effective representation of the project, which helps our clients to be ahead of others when it comes to securing bids.

Our marketing BIM presentations involve 3D walkthroughs and rendered images to give an artistic, and lifelike feeling of moving through the construction space in reality through the exterior and interior of the building. This not only gives an idea of the project but also helps our clients to navigate within the construction space.

Our 3D walkthrough service is perfect for homeowners, contractors, buyers, designers, and investors. We create virtual mockups comprising all the building components, including equipment and finishes.

These tools allow our clients to captivate their audience with the realistic feel of the size and layout of a building.

We work with the following data:

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