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Constructability Review and Construction Management Services Ensuring Project Success

At Pinnacle Infotech, we provide end-to-end construction management services to ensure every aspect of the project meets a cohesive execution and due diligence plan. One of the process-critical services that we provide in this direction is Constructability Review.

Constructability Review aims at reviewing the construction project outcomes based on structural planning and design implementation, ensuring the model is built based on the information and designs provided in the scope of construction.

Constructability reviews include a phase-wide structured review of the design process and take into account various value-enabling factors to see if every part of the pre-construction design process aligns with the ideal practicing standards. In this process, constructability reviewers and other construction professionals may check the design documents for different construction design stages and perform a thorough review of the project against the laid out parameters of costs, materials, equipment, resources used, and scope of work, right in the early development and design phases to ensure optimum results with project execution.

Enabling Higher Constructability Value with Fool-Proof Processes

Constructability review is essential to identify drawing discrepancies and detect constructability issues before the actual construction starts. In addition, the review becomes crucial for inappropriate documents, conflicting data, and input inconsistencies.

At Pinnacle Infotech, we perform a thorough constructability review to identify issues and assure quality at the pre-construction stage. This helps in:

  • Ensure hassle-free construction
  • Eliminate reworks, delays & cost overruns
  • Adding a layer of construction knowledge and certainty

To ensure the best results in the constructability review process, we have a pre-defined project management framework with which we align our clinical practices and resources to get optimum outcomes.

This helps us implement the highest order of proficiency in reviewing the construction plan and its probable outcomes early in the design phase. With this, we are able to detect issues early to minimize costly changes, delays, and rework during the construction phase while ensuring efficient, safe, and cost-effective outcomes.

We have a well-defined process in place to conduct quality assessment and review. Our team of professionals works on BIM models based on the client’s RFI response. We document the status of all RFIs in a log and follow up regularly with clients to review, determine, and resolve all issues during the pre-construction stage. As a result, constructability review prevents work stoppages, reduces the chances of rework and wastage of material, and minimizes cost overruns before the construction process starts.

In this process, we aim to review all the construction phases from start to finish during the early design phase. Our constructability assessment practices use the best workflows and implement the most efficient methods to recognize and solve different construction design issues before the construction begins and help reduce errors and delays in the process to execute the project successfully.

Types of Pre-construction Constructability Review Services We Provide

  • Code Issues
  • Operations Issues
  • Incomplete Design
  • Input Inconsistency
  • Data Conflicts

At Pinnacle, we analyze construction documents thoroughly to detect errors that may obstruct construction later. When we see any flaw in construction documents, we raise RFIs (Request for Information) and then send them to clients for review.

Get a wide range of client inputs, like contract documents, design documents, and specification sheets. We rely on our in-house BIM engineers to deliver accurate and reliable BIM models.

  • Compare construction document sets with the BIM model and ensure all specifications match the LOD standards.
  • Assess that the outputs like CD set, shop drawings, and bill of quantity from the BIM model are accurate.

Constructability Review Services FAQs

A constructability review aims to evaluate the design of a construction project to ensure it can be built efficiently, safely, and cost-effectively. Identifying potential issues early in the design phase helps prevent costly changes, delays, and rework during construction, optimizing the overall project delivery.

A constructability review typically involves a multidisciplinary team of professionals, including architects, engineers, contractors, construction managers, and sometimes specialty consultants. This team of professionals collaborates to assess the design documents, specifications, and site conditions, bringing diverse perspectives and expertise to identify and resolve potential constructability issues.

A constructability review is most effective when conducted during the design phase of a project, preferably at key design milestones. Early reviews allow for timely identification and resolution of potential issues, ensuring that the design is optimized for construction before the construction phase begins.

Common issues identified during a constructability review include complex or impractical design details, conflicting specifications, operations issues, input inconsistencies, coordination gaps between different disciplines, safety hazards, and challenges related to site access or logistics. Addressing these issues early helps prevent disruptions and inefficiencies during construction.

A constructability review benefits a construction project by enhancing design quality, improving construction efficiency, reducing costs, and minimizing risks. It helps ensure that the project can be built as planned, on time, and within budget, while also improving safety and reducing the likelihood of unforeseen issues during construction.

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