Constructability Review

Understanding Constructability Review

We perform a thorough constructability review to identify issues at the pre-construction stage to –

Ensure hassle-free construction

Eliminate reworks, delays & cost overruns

Add a layer of certainty

Constructability review is essential to identify drawing discrepancies and detect constructability issues before construction starts. In addition, the review becomes crucial for inappropriate documents, conflicting data, and input inconsistencies.

We work on BIM models based on the client’s RFI response. We document the status of all RFIs in a log and follow up regularly with clients to resolve all issues during the pre-construction stage. As a result, constructability review prevents work stoppages, reduces the chances of rework and wastage of material, and minimizes cost overruns before the construction process starts.

It aims to review all the construction phases from start to finish during the early design phase. The constructability assessment recognizes and solves different issues before the construction process begins and helps reduce errors and delays. the review

Using tools like Navisworks, we focus on drawing analysis to undertake constructability reviews and detect clashes accurately.

At Pinnacle, these following constructability issues are detected and solved:

  • Code Issues
  • Operations Issues
  • Incomplete Design
  • Input Inconsistency
  • Data Conflicts

At Pinnacle, we analyze construction documents thoroughly to detect errors that may obstruct construction later. When we see any flaw in construction documents, we raise RFIs (Request for Information) and then send them to clients for review.

  • Get a wide range of inputs from clients, like contract documents, design documents, and specification sheets. We rely on our in-house BIM engineers to deliver accurate and reliable BIM models.
  • Compare construction document sets with the BIM model and make sure all specifications are matched with the LOD standard.
  • Assess that the outputs like CD set, shop drawings, and bill of quantity from the BIM model are accurate.


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