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Pinnacle is the gold standard in the AEC industry for quality construction drawings delivered on time.

Our rock-solid processes and stringent quality control mechanisms have added certainty to 7,500+ built assets worldwide.


Continuing to improve on those processes and raising our standards falls to Pinnacle’s Research & Department wing. R&D ensures we stay on the cutting-edge of AEC, developing innovative BIM applications for our clients and automated production solutions for our team.

Data for time saved

One of the many benefits of having an in-house R&D department is the ability to exponentially augment our productivity through tools and plugins that automate repetitive processes, saving time, cost, labor and eliminating the scope for human error.


The R&D Department has developed a vast range of plugins for Autodesk Revit, Tekla Structures, Navisworks, AutoCAD, and Fabrication CADMEP. From automating sleeve placement to recovering corrupt plant 3D files, these plugins are one of the many secrets to Pinnacle’s lightning-fast turnaround times. 

Our team of software developers and BIM professionals work closely with Production engineers to understand their immediate needs and develop solutions to reduce friction and boost productivity.

Ongoing Developments

Mechanical: Assists mechanical engineers by reducing design time, automating modeling, and reducing the scope of human errors.

Hanger provider: Automatically places the hangers for Pipes, Ducts, Conduits, and Cable Trays with a preloaded Hanger Family. Revit users can create multiple rules for different MEP elements and slope conditions while maintaining the aesthetics and the spaces between two consecutive hangers.

Electrical: Assists electrical engineers by reducing design time, automating modeling, and reducing the scope of human errors.

Conduit Auto Routing: Create a conduit route as collecting information from the selected wire. The wire parameters need to be matched with conduit parameters. The user can create a conduit route in two ways by selecting detail lines and another by vertex points.

ACS: Assists structural engineers by reducing design time, automating modeling, and reducing the scope of human errors.

smart cut — sleeve — combine cut: This is the tool used to place void families where MEP services clash with ACS elements. It can put sleeves for engineering features and combine cut for architect features accordingly.

Shop Drawing: Help modelers manage shop-related tasks by bringing automation and certainty to the table.

Tag Alike: Matches the alignment and leader properties to all selected tags as per the selected referenced tag.

QA/QC: Used to reduce human error and invoke high quality to the drawn Revit elements like slope checking, slope direction checking, design rule checking.

Design Time Model Checker: The tool will restrict users from making modeling decisions in real-time as per rules defined on a spreadsheet. It can also verify the final design to check if any broken rules.

Common: Common tools used by architects, engineers and modelers at Pinnacle.

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Digital Twin: Combine static BIM data, periodic (cold data) maintenance schedules and checklists, and live (hot data) from IoT sensors on a single platform for your facility management needs.











Filtering: Add rules with parameters, operators, and values that highlight relevant assets in the model.










Family Browser:




Software supported




Plant 3D


Fabrication CADMEP



Dynamo: Graphical programming interface helping customize our building information modeling and design workflow.

.NET: Create custom solutions for major virtual construction software and API development 

Forge: Autodesk provided a platform with rich APIs for visualization, design, and quality control automation.

Python: Handle our complex data workflow requirements for Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence solutions.

AWS and Azure: Hosting of our cloud-based solutions across the globe at scale

JavaScript: Providing intelligence and intuitive UI/UX to our web applications

MVC: Framework used for creating our web applications

While the plugins we develop are not directly for sale, please reach out to to learn how Pinnacle can add certainty to your next project.

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