BIM Template and Content Creation

Pinnacle offers cost-effective and accurate BIM Templates & Content to our clients across the AEC landscape.

Our BIM experts are highly experienced in transforming products and systems into parametric BIM objects using Revit, while Content Creation makes the product available to designers.

Creating Templates and Content Creation guidelines facilitates:

We create libraries for the following verticals:

The Templates we offer contain preloaded:

We regularly deliver Templates for:

Our template creation service can be taken as the starting point for a new project. Templates offered by us contain preloaded families, views, schedules, settings, sheets, and geometry, all that is required for a new project.

Examples of Revit Templates & Content Creations Delivered by Pinnacle

  • Mechanical Ducting Template
  • Water Supply Template
  • Mechanical Piping Template
  • Drainage Template
  • Fire Fighting Template

BIM currently plays a crucial role in the success of all AEC projects. Our in-house professionals are well-versed in the latest developments in the BIM curriculum and are capable of offering quality BIM services

Our expert BIM experts work on a BIM agenda for implementing the construction process seamlessly. Our curriculum flawlessly integrates architectural coursework and draws from the professional expertise of BIM training’s city-scale projects.

When it comes to Curriculum development, experts of Pinnacle Infotech start with the most basic step, 3D model creation in Revit to 4D simulation in <Navisworks


Libraries and Corresponding Elements

Libraries Elements
Architecture Door Handles, Doors, Furniture, Furniture Systems, Lighting Fixtures
Plumbing Fixtures Specialty Equipment, Walls, Windows
Mechanical Air Handling Units, Boilers, Calorifier, Chilled Beams, Cooling Towers, De-Aerators, Dispersion Tube, Exhaust Utility Set, Expansion Vessels, Fan, Gas, Heat Exchangers, Heaters, Heating Coils, Line Clean Out, Microturbines
Pipes Pressurization Units, Pumps, Valves
Chillers Compressors
Structural Trusses
Air Diffusion Fans, Humidifiers, Inline Equipment
Fire Protection Fire Hydrants, Manifold, Valve Sets
Electrical Batteries, CRAC Units, Generators, Junction Boxes, Switch Boards, Bus Bar, Containment
Public Health Sump Pumps, Tanks

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