Scan to BIM Service

Scan to BIM is used to generate an accurate digital representation of a site. Through laser scanning, we capture detailed information about an element to facilitate accurate modeling, coordination and quantity take-offs for existing and new structures.


Our Laser Scanning services come in handy for:

Pinnacle is the global leader in offering Scan to BIM services. 3D scanning facilitates different stages of construction like 3D model creation, visualization, animation, rendering, and quality inspection. 

Our Point Cloud to BIM Service is required by AEC professionals and firms for preparing 3D models of Architectural, Structural, and MEPF (Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Fire Protection) elements.

We capture detailed information about an element in its physical space to enable precise and accurate modeling, coordination, and quantity take-offs.

  • Accurate 3D model creation of individual trades for renovation and extension work from scan data, ensuring a greater degree of reliability and quality assurance
  • During renovations, a scan to BIM Model acts as a solid base for further design work
  • As-Built Drawing Preparation from Point Cloud for Plan, Elevation & Section Sheet for Architectural, Structural & MEP trades
  • Improved transparency and streamlined communication with 3D visualization for quick decision making during the renovation and extension phase
  • Minimal RFI’s, work stoppage and reworks through validation of accuracy and completeness of 3D Model from scan data

The sequence of our QC process is outlined below

  • Model Review followed by checking of project standards
  • Conformance with items in Standard checklist for 3D Model QA/QC
  • Section views prepared in Revit for checking deviations
  • Clash detection and coordination among trades
  • 3D BIM Model Creation @ LOD 400 Level for Renovation & Extension – 3D Models are generated using BIM, based on point cloud scan data to improve transparency and streamline communication for quick decision making during the As-Built Phase.
  • As-Built Drawing Preparation for Plan, Elevation & Section Sheets – As-Built Drawing Preparation from 3D BIM Model serves as a comprehensive reference tool facilitating future project planning including extension, renovation & redevelopment from point cloud data.
  • Construction Scheduling using 4D BIM for renovation and extension work – Project construction schedule/sequencing is linked to the BIM model from point cloud scanned data. Users can click on a building object in the 4D visual environment and view its associated task highlighted in the Gantt chart or vice versa.
  • Facility Management / COBie data for individual elements – Pinnacle enables project stakeholders to organize approved electronic submittals from point cloud scanned data during renovation and extension through facility management. The BIM files, drawings and PDFs are organized to be easily accessed through secure server directories. BIM engineers follow COBie (Construction Operations Building Information Exchange) format for managing facility assets.


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