Indexing and Renaming

Pinnacle specializes in indexing and renaming all types of scanned documents / drawings for efficient storage and retrieval.

We create a comprehensive guide for client documents through indexing and are actively involved in the process of creating indexes for record collections that aid our clients in record retrieval for specific components.

Our indexing and renaming services include:

We have developed tailor-made processes and software for accurate indexing and our blind double-key verification ensures 100% accuracy.

Advantages of Document Indexing and Renaming

File Indexing Services

The key benefit of file indexing is easy retrieval. Cataloging of files allows applications or individuals to instantly access files based on key information of these files.

After the indexing process is complete, our Quality Control team checks the documents to ensure that all the files are accurate and indexed appropriately.

Indexing and Renaming Sample

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