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Terms and Conditions

Pinnacle Infotech is sensitive to privacy issues on Internet. We believe it is important to know the way we treat information received from web visitors. You can visit our website on the internet without revealing information from your end. Our web servers collect domain names but no e-mail address of website visitors. The information measure the number of visits, time spent on website, pages viewed and more. Pinnacle Infotech makes use of information to measure our site usage and for improving website content.

However, at times we may need information such as name and address. While seeking information from your end, we will try but are not compelled to let you know, how we will make use of the personal information collected. In general, the collected personal information is used to respond to query, order process as well as for accessing specific account information. Occasionally, we may make use of e-mail addresses of those providing information, available to other reputed organizations whose services we think you may find interesting. In such a case, you will get an opportunity to limit your information access. Nevertheless, if we do not receive any response from your end to limit your information access, it shall be deemed that you gave consent to distribution of information.

If you register with any online business unit of Pinnacle Infotech, they may use the given information to provide you customized info about Pinnacle Infotech’s offerings in support of your business requirement. Cookies may be used to offer customized information. (Cookie is a tiny data element that a website can send to your browser, which can later be stored on your hard drive, in order that we can recognize you when you return.) Browser can be set to inform you while receiving a cookie. Registering with any Pinnacle Infotech business unit online signifies your absolute consent for receiving cookies.

Often, online surveys are conducted by Pinnacle Infotech to understand the requirements & profiles of our visitors. While conducting survey, we will try (but are not compelled) to inform you how we will make use of the information at the time we gather information from Internet. You should also understand that we are not obliged to substantiate the source from which your personal information is provided to us.

Legal Disclaimer

The Web information and tools are not aimed at distribution or use by any person who is a citizen or resident or located in any jurisdiction where such distribution, ease of access or use would be contrary to law or which would subject Pinnacle Infotech to any registration or licensing requisite within such jurisdiction. The information provided in the website does not constitute any offer to sell an offer. The website is subject to update and revision. Pinnacle has the right to modify or delete website information without prior notice.

Limited License

Pinnacle has granted a limited authorization to access this website. Pinnacle Infotech may revoke such license any time, in Pinnacle Infotech’s sole judgment. Nothing contained herein shall be construed as conferring any license or right under Pinnacle Infotech copyright.

You hereby agree and confirm that:

  • Information access to site (https://www.pinnacleinfotech.com/) does not in any way constitute an offer to sell any offer to buy any security of Pinnacle Infotech.
  • I shall not circulate the information in any way (including but not limited to photocopying & email) and data on this website. I agree not to copy, issue, broadcast, sell, or circulate contents to anyone.

You agree not to:

  • Interrupt website operation in any way
  • Intrude into the website in any way
  • Post defamatory materials on the site


All web materials of Pinnacle Infotech are copyrighted and protected by worldwide copyright laws and treaty provisions. You must agree to comply with all copyright laws worldwide in your website usage and prevent unauthorized copying of materials. You may download a copy of copyrighted materials on single computer and print a copy of copyrighted materials exclusively for your use in learning about, evaluating, or acquiring Pinnacle Infotech’s services. No other permission is granted to print, copy, reproduce, distribute, broadcast, upload, download, store, alter, or amend copyrighted materials.

Changes are periodically made to the website and to the information therein. Pinnacle Infotech can make improvements and/or changes in the website at any time. Advice received through this website should not be relied upon for individual, medical, legal or financial decisions and you must seek advice from an appropriate professional for detailed advice customized to your situation.

Appropriate Use

You agree to obey the laws of your jurisdiction & any jurisdiction with which you communicate. Users will not post content which is inappropriate or of non-business nature including, but not restricted to, disrespectful, obscene, threatening, offensive or demeaning statement. You are solely accountable for backing-up data that you input onto site.

Communication Security

Pinnacle Infotech has taken steps to ensure authenticity and communication security sent to or from the website.

Registered User Responsibility

If you are a registered user, it is your accountability to maintain the privacy of passwords provided to you and to report to Pinnacle Infotech instantly if your password is lost or stolen; change in authorization or access password usage; or if your registered authorizations are canceled. If User IDs and passwords are provided to you personally, you should agree that you will not provide the password to other party. Except as otherwise specifically provided under the terms and conditions, you shall have no right to attempt to transfer or assign license rights you receive under the terms and conditions to any other person.


By using Pinnacle Infotech website, you agree that Pinnacle Infotech will have right to make use of and reveal information that you submit to us across Pinnacle Infotech’s business entity, as appropriate, without compensation or acknowledgment of source. Pinnacle Infotech shall be free to use ideas, concepts, techniques, directly or indirectly or otherwise based on info provided to Pinnacle Infotech through our website, including, but not restricted to developing, manufacturing, and marketing services. Pinnacle Infotech may obtain business or asset in the future to which client’s personal information may be transferred in course of such transactions. Pinnacle Infotech may broadcast information to another country for purposes like storage, or due to where servers are located. Pinnacle Infotech will release client’s Personal Info if required to do so by law or by search warrant or court order.

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