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The transition from traditional processes to BIM-integrated workflows starts with a BIM implementation plan. It outlines the processes, strategies, and workflows to implement BIM in projects.


Benefits of 3D Modeling with BIM

  • Effective process management
  • Fast Turnaround resulting in higher efficiency
  • ROI improvements
  • Professional guidelines and templates
  • Easy management of complex projects
  • Enhanced Accuracy in Documentation

BIM Implementation Plan Stages

The first step for implementing BIM is a comprehensive audit of the current processes and practices of a company. This allows us to identify the inefficiencies in their workflow. In addition, a critical analysis of the available resources and the tools employed is done. A tentative discussion on implementing BIM may also be held at this stage.

The next step is the finalization of the company’s BIM objectives, both long-term and immediate ones. This is done after carrying out a thorough analysis of the implementation requirements and taking into account the industry expectations.

The standards of BIM, methodologies, and processes that will be used in future projects are finalized. Progress indicators and milestones are created along with improving existing processes to attain the goals set in the previous step.

The results from the gap analysis are processed to provide recommendations either to upgrade or replace existing resources, technology, and tools. Depending on the company’s budget, different tools are considered to determine the most suitable tool for the company.

The training stage involves spreading awareness about BIM, upskilling, and software training. Training on BIM-specific aspects is also imparted such as file sharing and file nomenclature practices.

After BIM implementation, all actions and decisions are monitored. The progress parameters are analyzed thoroughly. The strategies decided earlier may be modified to ensure that the goals of the company are met. All team members are encouraged to self-learn and share knowledge among their teams to ensure self-sufficiency in the organization.

Pinnacle offers end-to-end 3D BIM Modeling services. It allows clients to get complete control of construction projects.

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