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With our promise to deliver the most advanced architectural services, we have been leading our way to build the most trend-facing and functionally relevant building designs. Pinnacle Infotech is one of the early adopters of technology-led design and architectural services in the construction sector. We have a long evolutionary journey behind us to be able to conceptualize and build sustainable BIM solutions and architecture design services are one of the key offerings.

With a team of proficient architects and engineers who have access to advanced tools and resources, we are capable of delivering cutting-edge architectural design services to best serve the requirements of our clients.

We follow a stringent process of concept planning and design implementation which helps us understand an architect’s design intent and support them with the design that elevates and evolves through the following inputs:

  • Concept Drawings
  • Hand Sketches
  • Concept Models

The inputs are converted into 3D models and 2D drawings.

Our architectural design services include the development of Detailed Plans, Elevations, and Sections across the following stages –

  • Concept
  • Schematic
  • Detailed Design
  • Construction Documentation

Architectural Design Stages

Concept Design is the first phase of design. The proposed system is represented by solid models or drawings at this stage. The representation is based on integrated concepts and ideas to depict how the system behaves and appears. We can correlate this stage to the LOD 100 Revit model.

At Pinnacle Infotech, our architectural services present multiple design alternatives (e.g., 3 facade options or 2-bathroom options) in a single model through the Design Option feature in Revit during concept design. The number of design options that architects can generate is unlimited.

This ability to generate multiple design options in a single model expedites the entire architectural design process.

The schematic design stage can be considered as an initial design stage in the architectural design services process. The general scope, including the scale and relationship between various components, is defined in this stage. This stage can be correlated with the LOD 200 Revit model.

These designs comprise generic components. These are characterized by their width, enabling quick generation of Quantity take-offs.

This architectural design stage adds more detail to the schematic design. In addition, clients can obtain drafted-to-scale drawings to illustrate the project’s appearance after construction. This stage corresponds to the LOD 300 Revit model.

At this stage, the architecture design services aim to offer fully defined assemblies. These designs can be used to analyze specific systems viz – energy analysis.

The Construction Documentation stage of the Architecture design service includes the creation of drawings and specifications that specify the detailed requirements to facilitate construction. This stage corresponds to the LOD 400 Revit model.

Notably, LOD 400 models accurately depict size, location, shape, quantity, and orientation. It also contains fabrication, assembly, and detailing information.

With our expert design and architectural services, at this stage, we generate –

  • Overall Floor Plans
  • Enlarged Floor Plans
  • Typical Room Layouts
  • Elevations (All 4 Sides)
  • Building Sections
  • Partition Details
  • Typical Details
  • Door & Window Details
  • Floor Finish Plans
  • Floor Finish Details
  • Reflected Ceiling Plans & Details
  • Furniture Layout Plans
  • Landscape Plans & Details (As required)
  • Interior Elevations
  • Egress Plans
  • Quantity Take-offs
  • Door & Window Schedules
Makkah, Saudi Arabia
Masar Package A
  • BIM Execution Plan
  • Clash Coordination
  • +4
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Las Vegas, Nevada US
LVB and Sahara
  • 3D Modeling
  • Architectural Design
  • +3
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Frankfort, IL
New Facility Renders, CIT Trucking
  • Architectural Design
  • Architects
  • +2
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New Orleans, LA
Delgado School Of Nursing
  • 3D Modeling
  • Digital Prefabrication
  • +5
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Arizona, USA
The University of Arizona Applied Research Building
  • 3D Modeling
  • Digital Prefabrication
  • +3
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Lexington, KY
UK Medical Center – Pavillion H – Behavioral Health Unit Renovation
  • 3D Modeling
  • Architectural Design
  • +4
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