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Pinnacle’s pre-bid estimation Services aid contractors in winning bids through accurate estimates according to industry standards. Digital estimation tools offer estimators the capability to make accurate estimates quickly. Moreover, they allow customization of labor and material rates as per one’s requirements. At Pinnacle Infotech, we use industry-standard tools Quotesoft and Autobid Trimble to automate the estimation process. The benefits of this process are improved accuracy and short turnaround times.


Benefits of Pre-Bid Estimation:

  • Speed – Beat your competition by sending your bids in time
  • Savings – Save manpower expenses & increase your bid volume
  • Accuracy – Bid with certainty
  • Grow business – Participate in more bids without adding staff
  • Customized material database
  • Review quality of design in bid documents

Services for Pre-bid Estimation

  • Accurate construction estimation services are crucial for Mechanical, Plumbing, Fire Fighting Contractors to win new projects. Pinnacle helps contractors to generate accurate bids according to industry standards. We enable you to remain focused on strategizing and generating new business while we take care of the time-consuming estimation process.
  • In today’s market, it is vital for estimators to augment their capabilities while strategically managing growth. The roadblock to this is the traditional estimation process which is inefficient and time-consuming.
  • Many contractors cannot take up more estimation jobs and expand their business due to dependence on time taking traditional processes. Our Digital Estimation services help contractors manage high work volumes without getting overwhelmed.

  • Accurate Length and size of ducts and pipes
  • Total number of fittings, accessories & equipment
  • Hanger Counts
  • Sleeve Counts
  • Quantity and cost of material
  • Labor cost (fabrication, installation & others)
  • Duct Liner/Duct Wrap
  • Material cost derived from a national commodity pricing service
  • Labor cost provided by latest MCAA labor rates

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