BIM Execution Plan

Using advanced software tools, Pinnacle forms comprehensive BIM Execution Plans for our clients to completely transform their existing business processes, increase collaboration, and reduce delays in communication. 

We identify bottlenecks by reviewing existing processes, following which we define and implement BIM methodologies to address them.


Comprehensive framework for information management and flow during a project.
Seamless collaboration and coordination among stakeholders

We create two types of BIM Execution Plans:


Offered to prospective suppliers to demonstrate their capabilities, proposed approach, capacity, and competence to meet EIR in general terms.


Details the capabilities of the supply chain. It includes Clash Detection and Coordination, Construction Documentation, Transition to BIM, Standardization and Personnel Management.

Pinnacle’s BIM Execution Plan involves the following developments

As per our BIM Execution Plan, we make sure a BIM expert is leading the operations, after choosing the right software package. Post this, we select the right project managers for your project and impart the necessary training to them.

We incorporate BIM in the existing system of a firm by planning the transition properly.

Standardization and Interoperability are the biggest challenges in BIM. To avert these issues from affecting a project, we follow our in-house quality standards and policies for managing BIM operations.

The R&D department at Pinnacle is led by highly experienced people who have years of expertise in technology, the construction industry, and real-time project delivery.

Our team remains abreast of the latest trends in construction and suggests the best BIM methodology to be adopted.

Construction documentation is essential for communicating specifications and design intent to stakeholders. BIM is utilized for producing 3D representations which facilitate design decision-making and assists in the production of accurate construction documents.

By following a BEP, professionals can design buildings with accurate quantities and fewer mistakes, which leads to fewer revised orders & RFIs. To get the construction process completed on schedule or within budget, Our BEP comes with higher precision and coordinated documentation. Whether it’s CD set creation, GFC drawing, IFC drawing, or other shop drawings with dimensions and annotations, at Pinnacle we generate accurate drawings from the model. All elevations, sections, details, and plans get synced perfectly with the BIM model.

As per our BEP, our professionals produce data drops through the stages of construction, design, and operation. Our team members create models for COBie and get data from existing models.


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