Facebook Data Center

Location: Oregon, USA
Year: 2021-2022
It is Facebook’s Prineville Data Center, located at 735 S.W. Connect Way, Oregon, USA. In this official edifice built in Forest City, North Carolina, Facebook has a private data center under its ownership, which consists of three buildings – CCO5, CCO6 & Admin Building. It is one of the additional data centers built by Facebook in order to expand its capacity,

Key Project Details

Project Area (sqft):1,411,570 sq.ft
Architect:Sheehan Nagle Hartray Architects
Contractor(s):Concrete Structure

Value Added

• Pinnacle anticipated, planned, and coordinated every aspect of the project design, detailing, and construction workforce.

• Identified constructability issues.

• Detected the number of clashes

• Avoiding work stoppages, rework, and wastage of time, hence saved material, and manpower.

• Raised over 50 issues in the meetings with 3D snapshots on MISSING DATA, CONFLICTING DATA, CONSTRUCTABILITY & ACCESSIBILITY issues.

• Developed CIP Units.

• Resolved 500 total clashes (including 100 critical ones) for plan mismatch,design discrepancies, aesthetic & coordination issues.



• More quality output with less effort using Revit.

• Time and work efficiency both raised for about 40%.

• Flawless collaboration is seen among stakeholders with reduced errors and improved building performance.

Key Project Details

Project Area:1,411,570 sq.ft
Architect:Sheehan Nagle Hartray Architects
Engineer:8 Engineers from Pinnacle
Contractor(s):Concrete Structure
Software:Revit 2019

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