Riyadh Metro Stations

Location: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Riyadh Metro Station (Qasr Al Hokm Downtown Metro Station) will become an icon for the renaissance of the city of Riyadh. Building upon the principles of sustainability, the station highlights a new consciousness of this generation, to build a future that recognizes the value of natural resources and its important role in urban regeneration, based upon the principles of sustainable urbanism. The Downtown Metro station is designed as an urban plaza with a large canopy providing shade to the surrounding public spaces and channeling daylight down into the train station below ground. The polished stainless steel canopy functions as a landmark signaling the station’s entrance. The Metro Station’s design is sustainable on multiple levels – environmentally sustainable in providing energy, water conservation, daylight harvesting, natural shading and ventilation; economically sustainable in providing an efficient public transport hub in a densely populated city to reduce traffic congestion, and above all socially sustainable, providing a vibrant public space for all the citizens of Riyadh to enjoy.

Key Project Details

Contractor(s):BACS; Sharqawi Company Electromechanical Contractor (Sub)

Value Added

  1. Checked with respect to the latest architectural & structural background files
  2. Checked missing & mismatch with respect to the latest contract document
  3. Showed UP/DN positions properly
  4. Checked over lapping of dimensions
  5. Showed AHU Valve connection details in the drawings
  6. Reviewed overall aesthetic view of the drawings
  7. Showed proper plinth for all the AHU,RTU & ODU
  8. Showed dimensions for Rectangular duct from Edge of the duct to the nearest grid line
  9. Showed the Duct break with the Hatch

Key Project Details

Contractor(s):BACS; Sharqawi Company Electromechanical Contractor (Sub)

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