FY 12 MCON Project

Location: Yuma, Arizona
Year: 2012
Maintenance hangars are required to provide weather-protected shelter for the servicing and repair of aircraft at the organizational level. The new hangar facility is necessary to support the training and maintenance operations of transient aircraft deployed to MCAS Yuma.

Key Project Details

Project Area (sqft):65,084 sq ft
Client:Harper Construction Company, Inc

Value Added

We were to be very much conscious and planned while drafting the MEP services. MEP services were run in a manner to shorten the routes, avoiding usage of so many short pieces of ducts, pipes & fittings; which led to cost saving. We used a proper fly zone to run MEP services to get the coordination done easily. Rerouting also helped in coordination with architecture, structure & other MEP services, specially challenges were in clumsy areas like; corridor etc. enabling cost management a lot..


We raised RFI for the following cases:

  1. Plan view and section mismatch for sheet metal 
  2. Size missing of piping 
  3. Louver elevation was mismatching as per section in mechanical and architectural contract documents.

Key Project Details

Project Area:65,084 sq ft
Client:Harper Construction Company, Inc

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