BIM for Drywall & Framing Contractors

Pinnacle has been at the forefront of the BIM industry for 30+ years, offering BIM services for Drywall contractors.

Our BIM services for drywall & framing contractors empower them with our BIM workflows by lowering project costs, ensuring schedule compliance and reducing rework.

BIM Services for Drywall Contractors

  • Accurate, constructible models to identify hurdles that may lead to rework, delays, and cost overruns through 3D BIM Modeling.
  • Highlighting missing data issues, input Inconsistencies, and checking construction feasibility through Constructability Review.
Accurate and reliable shop drawings, generated through our coordinated 3D BIM models. Our shop drawings include the following:
  • King Stud
  • Jack Stud
  • Sill Plate
  • Cripple Stud
  • Header
  • Blocking
  • Holdown Bolt
  • Bracing
  • Bridging
  • Precise material quantities, generated from coordinated 3D BIM models to provide reliable cost estimates for procurement and installation.

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BIM Modeling & Sop Drawing Services for Drywall, Ceiling & Framing Contractors


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