BIM for House Builders

Pinnacle has been exceeding Home Builders’ expectations for 30+ years. Through our BIM services for Home Builders, we have enabled 100+ Home Builders by providing a seamless transition from 2D to 3D platforms.

Our team of 1500+ Architects & Engineers have a thorough understanding of codes and work processes required to create constructible and efficient designs and provide accurate & consistent construction documents.

We use Building Information Modelling (BIM) workflows to enhance ROI for Home Builders by reducing rework, shortening construction schedules, and enhancing collaboration across project stages.


  • Effective process management
  • Fast turnaround resulting in higher efficiency
  • ROI improvements

BIM Services for House Builders

3D platforms provide a realistic look and feel of the project and streamlines communications between designers & stakeholders.

Through our tested and well-documented process, we help clients seamlessly transition their entire design operations from 2D to 3D, helping them receive the following benefits:

  • Change Tracking: Easily identifiable and modifiable design changes.
  • Real-time Coordination: The drawings are generated from a single model, so any change is automatically updated in real-time and reflected across all drawings.

We are highly flexible regarding input formats, and can create 3D models from hand sketches, schematic designs, redline mark-ups and more.

In the traditional processes, drawings had to be duplicated to showcase design variations, which is time-consuming. BIM has advanced tools to quickly generate and manage variations.

We use BIM to showcase multiple design options of the base model along with Quantity Take-offs in a single interface.

We offer virtual tours of the proposed home with a detailed 360-degree view to Home Builders and Buyers.

These tours help clients visualize the design in detail and make informed decisions.

We specialize in creating accurate construction documents from 2D sketches and Schematic designs. We generate CD sets from 3D BIM models as per the client’s standards.

We ensure the CD sets are checked for constructability issues and
aligned with International Residential Codes (IRC).

Our CD sets include the following disciplines –

  • Structure
  • Architecture
  • Electrical
  • HVAC
  • Plumbing

We can modify BIM models and generate 3D prototype plans which can be used with 3D printers. Moving a design from a 2D drawing to an actual 3D model helps designers to spot problems and correct them.

Rapid prototypes also allow quick development and testing, which reduces the overall design time. New iterations can also be created quickly so that products are market-ready within a short time frame.

3D prototypes allow prospects to visualize the design and develop a better understanding of a project.
We develop accurate Quantity Take-Offs from the BIM model during the design stage to enable Home Builders to compare costs of different design options for material procurement.

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BIM Services for Home Builders


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