Alderman Library Renewal

Location Charlottesville, Virginia, USA

Year 2020

Key Project Details
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Project Area:199662 Sq. Ft

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Key Project Details
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Project Area:199662 Sq. Ft




Owner:Donley, Inc.

Trades Covered:Concrete 3D model, 2D Lift Drawings, MEP Sleeves opening through concrete, Embed & adjacent site concrete structure


Software:Revit 2020 & Dynamo

Verticals:  MEP Engineering

alderman library

The Alderman Library of the University consists of a six-story building, including a basement. The design of the new building is integrated with the existing old structure. A 130,000-square-foot addition has been constructed, following the approximate footprint of the current stacks, and 100,000 square feet of the historic building have been renovated as part of the project. Situated in Charlottesville, Virginia, USA, this undertaking involved the enhancement and restoration of a historic library structure. 

Key Project Details

Project Area:199662 Sq. Ft




Owner:Donley, Inc.


Trades Covered:Concrete 3D model, 2D Lift Drawings, MEP Sleeves opening through concrete, Embed & adjacent site concrete structure

Software:Revit 2020 & Dynamo

Verticals:  MEP Engineering

Scope of Work:

Pinnacle offered expert BIM modeling services covering various aspects of different trades and jobs for the project. The scope of work for Alderman Library University of Virginia included:

  • Improving spatial utilization across the building, incorporating upgrades to meeting rooms, staff zones, study areas, and book storage sections
  • Catering to the sustained expansion of collections over time
  • Adhering to contemporary accessibility and building regulations
  • Preserving the historical authenticity of the structure
  • Creating 3D Models and preparing concrete lift drawings for the overall renovated part of the building including the site concrete structure
  • Embed placing and MEP sleeves penetration through the concrete structure
  • Preparing Constructability Review and RFI against all of the concrete confliction zones

Challenges & Solutions:

Challenge 1:

The complex geometry of SOG slope structure: Due to the presence of numerous elevated and uniquely shaped suspended-on-ground (SOG) elements and slabs, coupled with various sloping orientations and multiple superimposed layers, the complexity of this structure increased. Aligning with diverse slope directions, elevations, and topping slab configurations posed a significant challenge.

alderman library image 1


Solution 1:

Pinnacle used internal Add-ins & Dynamo for Revit tools to determine the correct elevation and create the structure accurately for the Alderman Library UVA project.

alderman library image 2


Challenge 2:

Continuous changes of top of wall elevation along the perimeter of the building: Because of the presence of various drop caps and shelf configurations encircling the building, noticeable alterations occurred in the upper sections of the wall and columns. In addition to this, the perimeter wall of the site was composed of two brick veneer layers. Consequently, the drawing needed to accurately depict the distinct elevation of a particular wall, owing to this factor.

alderman library image 3


Solution 2:

Pinnacle used Dynamo and Pinnacle Addins to accurately extract data pertaining to the top and bottom elevations, as well as the heights of the vertical elements.

    alderman library image 4       alderman library image 5

Challenge 3:

Multiple Stair Structure along with the building: As there were several distinct raised concrete staircases present, in addition to an adjacent site wall, achieving the correct elevation alignment with the main building for the site's concrete structure posed considerable complexity.

            alderman library image 6      alderman library image 7

Solution 3:

Pinnacle followed the PIS calculator and several Add-ins to calculate all elevations to match them with the main building structure.


Challenge 4:

Embed placement: As this building geometry was in quite an irregular shape, there were a lot of challenges to extracting proper embed information and position input documents.

alderman library image 8

Solution 4:

With our expert BIM Services, we allocated specialized resources to extract pertinent data and integrate it into the drawing while also ensuring a thorough quality check of the entire structure.

alderman library image 9

Challenge 5:

Multiple PIS and DCG RFI impactions: Because of multiple design changes initiated by numerous DCG and PIS RFIs, this structure underwent several updates. Consequently, tracking the data, such as identifying which elements were modified by specific RFI numbers, presented a set of challenges.


Solution 5:

Pinnacle incorporated a reference to the RFI log on the elevator drawing sheet for specific element drawings, facilitating seamless synchronization between the model and the relevant RFI numbers for the client's convenience. This extensively helped in the UVA Alderman Library renovation and considerably cut down on the time of execution.


Concrete 3D Model

alderman library image 10

Dedicated RFI Log for DCG & PIS RFI responses

alderman library image 11

alderman library image 12

Concrete Lift Drawing OF SOG

alderman library image 13

Concrete Lift drawing of Column with Schedules for dedicated level:


alderman library image 14

Concrete Lift drawing of dedicated Wall pour:


alderman library image 15

alderman library image 16

Concrete Lift drawing of Site wall:


alderman library image 17

alderman library image 18

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