Structural Analysis

Our structural design analysis services are geared towards validating design parameters viz. Bending moment, stress-strain, lateral loading, etc. 

We utilize advanced design tools like RISA, ETABS, Tekla Tedds & HILTI to generate accurate reports quickly. 

Our structural design services cover

Our Structural Design experts are well-versed in structural load calculations for steel, wood, and concrete structures. We ensure that your design is structurally sound in the pre-construction stage.

We analyze concrete structures for gravity and lateral loading conditions in accordance with the applicable codes and standards. Member sizes and reinforcement are determined based on this analysis and accurate shop drawings are generated.

We offer comprehensive design solutions as per PCI standards. We create accurate shop drawings to show the exact quantity and sizes of the walls along with lifting details and required crane capacity.

Our steel framing design includes the design of flexural and compression members having different profiles by considering both gravity and lateral forces conforming to AISC codes.

Our connection design solutions include simple shear & moment connections, Connection with shear wall, etc.

We design multiple types of footings – isolated, combined, trench, and continuous along with cantilever, prop cantilever retaining wall system, and base plate connection.

Pinnacle has designed several vertical and horizontal support systems for mechanical and HVAC equipment such as pipes, ducts, and boilers. We have optimized designs for both prefab and cast in place support structure in accordance with ASME and ASCE standards.

Pinnacle’s design engineers perform the calculation of cable trays as per the manufacturer’s limit. We calculate the loads as per National Electrical Code (NEC).

We provide structural calculation services to determine loads, combinations, and structure behavior based on which the final sizes are determined.

We provide complete support in the following stages of design

  • Schematic Design
  • Detailed Design
  • Construction Documentation

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