VR Based Construction Services

Enhanced visualization is a key element of Building Information Modeling (BIM). Pinnacle offers VR-enabled construction services to take visualization to a whole new level.  

We design 3D models using real data on BIM platforms and create a realistic virtual representation of a construction project.

We help companies captivate their clients and secure projects through immersive virtual reality tours of their designs.

A VR environment can be created over a BIM model for design and constructability review – identifying and marking clashes, recording snaps,  maintenance schedules, and making the decision making process more efficient.

Benefits of VR 360

Our VR 360 Process

How is VR changing the landscape of the construction industry?

VR technology can place a person inside a 3D BIM model to get a ‘’real feel” of the as-built condition of a building. The high degree of visualization in VR enables users to meticulously analyze a model. 

At present, the coordination work in a 3D BIM model is done in Navisworks or BIM 360 which is further supported by the use of VR technology.

The same can be carried out in VR with enhanced benefits such as


Start your Virtual Tour

360 virtual walkthroughs require an initial discussion with our specialists regarding your construction project.

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