BIM Services for Electrical Contractors

Our BIM Services for electrical contractors include the virtual construction of 3D BIM electrical models of conduits/trays, cable trays, lighting fixtures, small power fixtures, fire alarms, and other electrical equipment based on contract drawings, manufacturer specifications, and client standards.


The successful completion of more than 5500+ BIM projects in 40+ countries has provided Pinnacle with a deep understanding of international building codes, standards and work processes.

We determine the best routes for conduits and ensure optimal electrical equipment selection to lower material costs without compromising on functionality.

Electrical BIM Modeling Services

We work with a wide range of inputs such as pdf, *dwg, *dgn, rvt, *rcp, *rcs, hand sketches, etc, to create:

  • 3D models of Lighting Fixtures, MCC, Panels, DBs, transformers, etc. from approved submittals with desired levels of detailing from LOD 200 to LOD 500.
  • Modeling of electrical containments and running services 
  • BIM Model Rendering with Lights
  • BIM Model Walkthrough in Navisworks

Through constructability analysis, we review:

  • Adequacy of space for installation, operation, and maintenance of equipment.
  • Adherence to codes for bend radius, cable heights as applicable.
  • Clearance between HV and ELV services.
  • Placement of items with Critical Dimensions.

Through constructability analysis, we review:

  • Identification and resolution of interferences between various building systems.

Review and reimagination of the layout to produce the most efficient design and achieve the minimum project cost at maximum operational efficiency.

  • Detailed shop drawings to facilitate fabrication and site installation, generated automatically from the 3D model.
  • Any changes to the model are automatically reflected within the shop drawings.
Standard 2D Deliverables include:
  • Power Layout and shop drawings
  • Lighting Layout and shop drawings
  • Sleeve Drawings
  • Conduit Spool and Prefabrication drawings
  • Insert Drawings
  • Security, Communication and Fire Alarm drawings
  • Single line diagram / Riser Drawings
  • Trimble Layout
Typical inclusions in our Electrical Drawings:
  • Tags and legends of equipment for easy identification and traceability
  • Ratings and dimensions in accordance with the Manufacturer’s Catalogue/Cutsheet
  • Network loops and circuit reference
  • Positions with reference to the nearest gridlines
  • Mounting heights as per the applicable code
  • Marking Elevation of services (up/down) as applicable
  • Installation & Access clearance in line with the required code
  • Feeder schedule
  • Precise material quantities of all equipment, fixtures, and conduits details in a tabulated format generated from coordinated 3D BIM models to help contractors in estimating project costs and plan material procurement.
  • Quantity Take Off is dynamically generated from the BIM Model. This list is automatically updated if any changes are made to the existing 3D Model.
  • Parametric families that contain all real-world product information necessary for running calculation analysis and simulations.
  • Load Flow Analysis & Phase Balancing
  • Short Circuit Analysis
  • Schedules & Sizing for Equipment & Services
  • Voltage Drop
  • Illumination Calculation
  • Energy Analysis
  • Lighting Control Design
  • Fire Alarm Layout
  • Single Line Diagram

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