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BIM for Drywall Contractors

Pinnacle Infotech has been in the BIM business for 30+ years, we offer BIM services for framing and drywall contractors. We create accurate shop drawings, 3D models and conduct constructability reviews for drywall contractors to reduce project costs and rework.

Drywall & Ceiling Framing Scope for BIM Services

We provide BIM solutions to drywall constructors and project architects for:

  • Interior and Exterior Metal and Wood-Framed Walls
  • Interior Ceilings, Furrdowns, and Exterior Soffits
  • Acoustical Lay-in Ceiling Grids Modeled in 3D for Overhead MEP Coordination
  • Critical Studs for MEP Coordination
  • Metal stud kickers above ceilings to aid in overhead coordination

BIM Services for Framing and Drywall Contractors

Our team creates accurate, information-rich, fully coordinated 3D BIM models to help with project visualization and planning.

3D models give a clear, detailed and accurate view of the drywall elements so contractors can make informed decisions.

We do constructability review analysis to verify the buildability of the construction plans. We check for practicality, identify potential issues, and highlight missing data and input inconsistencies.

We check buildability by addressing and highlighting missing data issues and inconsistencies so you don’t encounter problems during your project.

As the BIM global leader, we convert architectural data into reliable shop drawings with information such as stud wall locations and standard sizes.

Our shop drawings include:

  • King Stud
  • Jack Stud
  • Sill Plate
  • Cripple Stud
  • Header
  • Blocking
  • Holdown Bolt
  • Bracing
  • Bridging

We provide clash-coordinated BIM models in different dimensions after checking clash with architectural, structural and MEP engineering disciplines. These detailed models help in designing, identifying clashes and resolving them early on during design stage to ensure schedule compliance.

We extract accurate material quantities from coordinated 3D models. This information gives you reliable cost estimates for procurement and installation so you can plan and budget your project better.

This also saves installation time and labor costs and shortens project duration.

Frequently Asked Questions

We offer BIM solutions like 3D modeling, constructability reviews, shop drawings, quantity take-offs and scheduling for these contractors so they can streamline the construction process and improve project efficiency.

BIM can help contractors cut down on cost, meet deadlines, and prevent repetition of work. Moreover, they can discover conflicts and verify build-ability or inconsistencies and discrepancies in the initial phases. This ensures smoother construction processes and better outcomes.

The precise shop drawings that provide information concerning positions of stud walls, hold-down bolt(s), and other similar elements, are crucial for framing and drywall contractors. These drawings help expedite construction at the site, resolve missing data issues, and improve productivity, ensuring schedule compliance.

Our BIM services generate accurate quantities of material for building components based on coordinated 3D models that enables builders to cut project expenses.

Our charges depend on various factors, such as the complexity of the projects, the number of services, BIM experts required, compliances and regulations to be followed, and the level of detail required. Therefore, we offer three flexible pricing options that contractors can choose from. These are the lump sump model, hourly based, and studio model.

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Drake Interiors

For the first time working with Pinnacle on a complex project as it went really well.

Columbia Construction Company

Pinnacle produced very detailed modeling on time that was faster than expected. They have also asked the right questions to provide a high-quality product that we at Columbia can use to our full advantage.

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